Beautiful Souvenir Options That Will Impress Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are certainly not complete without preparing souvenir gifts for guests who come. If you’re looking for beautiful souvenirs for your event, you can check out the BP-Guide tips and recommendations below! Don’t make the wrong choice, OK!

Weddings, Sacred Moments Awaited by Many People

Marriage is a sacred moment in one’s life. Of course, the moment must be sure to be interesting and impressive. The wedding procession is a sacred promise for every couple who wants to take a step to a new level. Therefore everything should be done as perfect as possible.

As a bride and groom, of course, you will need to prepare everything. From the selection of wedding clothes to the selection of souvenirs, you must be careful and not disappoint. Because, marriage will be remembered for a lifetime and this is a moment that everyone has been waiting for.

Talking about wedding souvenirs, it takes time to choose them. You definitely want to give souvenirs to the invited guests who are present. This is a memory of your wedding too. Come on, together with BP-Guide, look at the line of products that can be your wedding souvenir.

The Meaning and Importance of Providing Souvenirs for Attending Guests

Giving Beautiful Memories to Guests

Souvenirs are as important as the wedding dress as well as the selection of food caterers. Do not underestimate the selection of souvenirs because this is a sign of memory that you give to the invitees who attend. Choose souvenirs with your partner and decide together what items should be your souvenirs.

In the past, maybe very simple souvenirs were mostly in the form of key chains or jewelry trinkets. But getting here, wedding souvenirs are getting more diverse. You can choose a variety of beautiful and elegant souvenirs for your invited guests.

By choosing beautiful souvenirs, you also give beautiful memories to the invited guests. They will always remember your wedding from the souvenirs you gave them. The more unique the souvenir, the more memorable it will be.

Wedding Traditions

Marriage is an important moment in a phase of life. For that you definitely want everything to be perfect. Even for items such as souvenirs or champagne bottle, of course you want one that is carefully selected and if you can give it a personal touch. Souvenirs don’t always have to be expensive. The important thing is to be able to make an impression on the invited guests, that is enough.

Actually giving souvenirs at weddings is more of a tradition. This is like becoming a culture that must exist in a wedding party. If there are no souvenirs, it feels like something is missing at the party.

This tradition is classified as ancient and was first performed by European aristocrats. They used to give a bonbonniere aka a small jewelry box made of crystal. Generally filled with candied or sugar crystals. This souvenir is given as a symbol of prosperity and glory.

As a thank you

Souvenirs can actually be something important depending on the point of view. Souvenirs are given at the wedding as a symbol that the bride and groom are grateful for the presence of the invitees. In addition, the gift of this souvenir will be a unique memory item for the invited guests.

Not a few people who come to the wedding because they are waiting for their wedding souvenirs. Later wedding souvenirs can be displayed or used according to their function. Therefore, as a happy bride, there is nothing wrong if you give souvenirs. Think of it as a deep thank you for taking the time to come.

Making Guests Feel Appreciated

Souvenirs cannot be chosen at random. You must choose carefully because the selection illustrates your gratitude to the invitees. Decide with your partner what souvenirs you should give.

As a representation of gratitude for their presence, of course, you and your partner will choose something that is valuable and has a function. Giving cooperate gift souvenirs will make guests feel appreciated. They will feel it was not in vain to come to your wedding and make time.