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Nestled atop the Riat Hills in Kisumu lies Kanyakwar, a breathtaking vantage point that gives a… read extra… The Kenya Revenue Authority is intensifying its efforts by concentrating on residential estates in… learn more… Residents of the upscale Peponi View Apartments have been given a week to vacate their houses or… read more… Real estate investment is simply one of the many avenues via which you’ll accumulate wealth. The completion of Affordable Housing models in the Bondeni space of Nakuru County has been announced… learn more… Renting out vehicles and homes for brief periods could be a lucrative means for asset homeowners to make money.

Over the last 25 years, Bengaluru’s property market has proven outstanding resilience and progress in all sectors. Pre-pandemic residential sales averaged Rs 10,000 crore per quarter, anticipated to double quickly. Emphasizing quality over return on investment, Bengaluru’s market stands out from Mumbai. The metropolis has …