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Build your CV on a CV Creator

With an online CV creator, making a free curriculum vitae to apply for your dream job becomes quick and easy. Choose a template and customize it with just a few clicks. This is certainly the best way to create an effective resume nowadays. You save time writing your CV and the result is just perfect.

The Advantages of a CV Creator

Thanks to a CV creator, you can forget about hours spent laying out your resume or choosing fonts that showcase your cover letter. An online CV generator lets you make a stylish and attractive resume with great simplicity. Choose a simple or modern CV template from the hundreds of free professional templates and fill it out in minutes. A few clicks are all it takes to change colours, fonts and layout, and add graphics to suit the desired job. Time saving is surely the first advantage of using a CV creator. But it also allows you to build the perfect CV that will catch the recruiter’s eye and helps you land a job interview.

How to Use a CV Creator?

Nothing is simpler! You can create your curriculum in a few easy steps. First of all, go to the CV creator of your choice, then sign in or create a new account using your email, Google, or Facebook profile. Now all you have to do is find the right resume template. Choose from hundreds of professionally crafted resume templates. Select from styles like modern or simple models or industries like theatre, graphic design or more corporate models.

The next step is to personalize your CV as you wish. After choosing a CV template, use the drag-and-drop design tools you find on the CV creator to refine your curriculum vitae. Change fonts, text and colours with just a few clicks. Upload your own photo if you want to add one and rearrange all the elements as much as you want.

Get even more creative with more tools available online. Crop, straighten, use photo filters and texture your images. Use your own colour, font, background, and text palette. Add borders, frames and other ingredients to make your resume stand out. If possible, order high-quality CV prints from your CV generator and get free shipping. Or save your design in PDF, JPG or PNG format. Remember, you can change your design at any time thanks to practical tools specially designed for online CV creation.