What is Bankera

What is Bankera

It is hard to imagine even a day without some operations with finances both for enterprises and individuals. At the same time, most people do not like banks and their applications because they are too complex for an ordinary person. How great would it be if there was a user-friendly financial service with an intuitive interface useful functions? Well, if you were thought about this at least once, great news for you! Such a service exists and it’s called Bankera! Haven’t heard about it yet? Let’s get acquainted now!

What is the functionality of Bankera?

Bankera is a service managed by licensed Lithuanian company Era finance Ltd, but it is not a bank. It provides different electronic services such as:

  • personal or corporate IBAN account for easy transfers between banks in various countries;
  • digital wallet for people who work with e-money;
  • virtual VISA debit cards for different operations on the Internet.

With Bankera, you can make SWIFT and SEPA transactions. It works in more than thirty countries and takes a minimum commission for some activities (e.g. a commission for withdrawal is 0.1 euro). Bankera helps to easily monitor your expenditures and manage your budget. The most unique feature of this service is that they operate with cryptocurrency. Also, they have a pleasant affiliate program. Finally, users are quite satisfied about the fact that Bankera has a very skillful and friendly support team who works fast and professionally.

Why you should choose Bankera

Besides the facts mentioned above, there is one more point worth your attention. It is about safety. Bankera deals with electronic money. What does it mean? E-money is an electronic representation of fiat currency. An electronic money institution is always ready to pay back its clients’ real paper money during withdrawal. Also, Bankera has a complex defense system to protect the money and private data of users. You can rest assured because your assets are safe.