5 Different Ways To Do Your FASTag Recharge Online!

FASTag is an extremely essential and integral feature in any vehicle owner’s life. It offers the convenience of cashless payment along with additional benefits such as – saving on fuel costs and time as you don’t have to stop at the toll plaza every time to pay the toll. Now, one might think that doing a FASTag recharge is a tedious task. Whereas in reality, it’s the exact opposite.

Doing a FASTag recharge online is one of the easiest things you would’ve ever done. All you need to do is get a FASTag account link it to your bank or any wallet and keep it recharged. The rest will automatically happen when you cross a toll plaza.

Enlisted below are a few easy and simple ways to recharge your FASTag account:

  1. FASTag Website

One can directly recharge their FASTag wallet from the official FASTag website. All you need to do is get a FASTag, whether it’s an Airtel FASTag or any other FASTag. Then, go to the official FASTag website, log in with your credentials and recharge your wallet by entering your preferred recharge amount. That’s it, complete the payment and you’re good to go.

  • FASTag App

FASTag also has its own official app on the Play Store. You simply have to download the app and log in with your credentials to check your balance and recharge your FASTag wallet whenever needed. Similar to the website, even on the app you can simply enter the required and get your FASTag recharge done in minutes.

  • Bank’s Website

Approximately 23 banks allow you to apply for and recharge your FASTag from the Bank’s official website itself. This includes your regular banks such as SBI, as well as your new-age digitized banks such as the Airtel Payments Bank. You just have to go to your Bank’s official website, log in, and apply for or recharge your FASTag wallet.

  • Banking Apps

Similar to the official websites, all these 23 Banks also allow you to recharge your FASTag wallet their official Banking apps such as the HDFC PayZapp app, SBI YONO among others. Here also, you can log in with your credentials and check your FASTag balance in real-time to keep it full for future requirements.

  • UPI Apps

Last but definitely not least is UPI payment apps such as the Airtel Thanks and others. Here also you can recharge your wallet in a few simple steps. And all thanks to Airtel Payments Bank, you can now get our favourite, an Airtel FASTag, and keep it recharged via the website as well as the UPI app.

While these are the different ways to recharge your FASTag wallet, our favourite remains to be the Airtel Payments Bank or the Airtel Thanks app. It is so because not only does Airtel Payments Bank make doing our FASTag recharge a simpler and more convenient process, but also makes it one of the most secure online transactions.

Moreover, you can also do other things with an Airtel Payments Bank account such as making electricity bill payment, doing your DTH recharge, paying your Postpaid bills and more.