How to create websites in 2021?

Getting online is simpler than ever. Nowadays, anyone can make and design a website, despite technical skill level. There are now more than 200 million active websites, and many of them were made by people who run their businesses and do not have experience in coding. Read this article and see opportunities for creating websites in 2021.

Why should you make a website?

Regardless of whether you are creating a website for starting a blog, new business, or changing an online business model, creating your website is a worthwhile investment you can make. Your website is a place where people find you, and it gives you a chance to reach an audience from around the world, despite where you do business or live.

Business website can help you with:

  •  Offering promotions and discounts
  •  Announcing updates and news
  • Providing your contact information and address
  • Presenting the services you offer
  • Giving clients a way to contact you
  • Displaying your products
  • And many more

Three of the most popular ways to create a website in 2021

  1. Creating a website with a website builder 

A website builder is the easiest and cheapest option to set up a website. This option is helpful for beginners. You do not have to have experience in coding or technical knowledge. There are a lot of website builders, such as Wix, Squarespace, or Site123. They have predefined website design templates that you can adjust as you like. There is no need for additional software. The website builder itself handles security aspects and updates. You can add straightforward content like images and texts, and also you can design the entire website. 

A website builder also has some disadvantages. Depending on the website builder, additional functionality cannot be added. You are dependent on the provider, so it is not flexible. Templates are not designed for complicated projects, such as the ones that require a database.

  1. Creating a website with a CMS

CMS (Content management systems) is a bit more complicated than a website builder. Even if they work in the same way as a website builder, they are a lot more challenging to use. A classic CSM is much more limited than a website builder in the templates available.

The most popular CMS system is WordPress. It is not difficult to set up because hosting companies offer a one-click install. The domain, hosting, and support level will depend on how much you can spend and your technical knowledge. It can be cheap if you do it yourself. In CMS, you have thousands of plugins that help you add extra features to your website that are not originally included.

  1. Creating a website by yourself or hire a web development agency

Setting up a website by a web development agency is the most expensive way and has unlimited possibilities. A bunch of programmers and specialists in designing websites support you all the time. They can do complicated projects. Your website can look unique thanks to an individual design template.

If you want to create a website yourself, you need to be able to program it. If you do not have technical knowledge, it takes so much time to learn. The most important is that you do not have support, so you’ll have to fix any problems yourself.