What to Look for in an Addiction Psychiatrist

When you make the decision to treat your drug or alcohol addiction, a big part of the fight is already won. There is a long road ahead for anyone who is suffering from addiction, but with the right help and treatment, life will get better, and the unhealthy coping mechanisms you have been using won’t be needed anymore.

On your road to recovery, you might need the assistance of several types of specialists, depending on your condition and life situation. Professionals who are trained to deal with addiction include psychologists, social workers, doctors, psychiatrists, and coaches.

If you were referred to an addiction psychiatrist, you may want to do a bit of research before choosing who to work with. While certified psychiatrists are all qualified to work with addiction, the right specialist for you is the one with whom you can have a connection.

Ask for Recommendations

The first step in finding the right psychiatrist for you is to know who is available in your area and could take you in. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, look online for the cabinets in your area and create a list of possible candidates.

Don’t forget to search online reviews and see if other people have had positive experiences with this specialist. While everyone has a different experience, reviews can tell you if a psychotherapist helped those who reached out for them.

Check Credentials and Certifications

Before you go on with the screening process, make sure every psychiatrist you are considering has legitimate certifications and a practice license. Someone who specializes in treating addiction should have the right education and expertise for it. Check if they are a certified drug and alcohol counselor, or if they are members of the APA Division 50.

Research Their Work, Content They Publish, and Testimonials

This might be an optional step, but it’s a good sign if the psychiatrist you are considering has published studies or works on addiction and your particular substance abuse problem. Many mental health specialists also publish online articles about the issues they most commonly treat.

Start with a Phone Conversation

Before you start your addiction treatment with an addiction psychiatrist, it’s good to have a phone conversation with them or a preliminary discussion. You can find out if you can share a connection, and if it’s easy to work with them.Building such a relationship can take time, but you can get some clues about how it would be from such an opening conversation.

Look for a Psychiatrist Who Is a Good Fit

If you need an addiction psychiatrist, create a shortlist based on these parameters and make sure you are seeing a certified specialist. Whether you find an ideal candidate or not, a medical doctor specialised in addiction will be able to help you and make your treatment move forward. The best specialists can be found at Rehab Cape Town.