Reasons You Need a Pool Fence

You want the best for your children and prioritize safety over anything else. That’s why you should consider installing a pool fence. Before you search for “fencing company near me”, here’s why you need a pool fence:

The Reasons

1. Safety – You may have adventurous young toddlers roaming around your home with your pets. They don’t know the dangers of everyday life and approach everything with curiosity. That’s why a pool fence is a necessity. It ensures the safety of your children who don’t know how to swim. Even adults make mistakes and fall prey to pranks. You don’t want those who don’t know how to swim to be thrown into the water. With an additional layer of safety, the pool fence is something that saves the precious lives of your loved ones.

2. Creeping regulations – Most people who live in the suburbs and can afford a large enough backyard install a pool in their home.  However, a pool comes with numerous safety hazards. While there are no federal regulations for a pool fence, it is in the recommended guidelines. Moreover, several states have introduced their own pool fencing laws.

For instance, if you live in Florida you have to erect a barrier around your pool and the regulation dates back by over a decade. New York requires you to install a four feet high barrier around outdoor pools. On the other hand, while the height requirements for the barrier aren’t that extreme, Arizona does require you to build a barrier or fence around your pool. As the public becomes more aware of the safety hazards of pools, more states may follow suit, and pool fencing may be introduced as a federal regulation in the future. It’s best to stay ahead of the times.

3. Privacy – If you have short wooden fencing around your backyard, neighbors and any stranger passing by may be able to peek into your business. By adding a pool fence you can enjoy swimming with your family or friends without the invading and prying eyes. It’s especially helpful for those who feel shy in their bathing suit and very uncomfortable with sneaky eyeballs. Privacy is necessary if you want to enjoy the summer cool down with your friends and family.

4. It’s easy to install – Public pools have created a misconception of pool fences being ugly and difficult to install. Just because the term is pool fence, doesn’t mean they need to lack style, nor do you need to build them together. Most fencing companies will give you several fencing options around your pool. It can be in the form of metal barriers, concrete walls, wooden fencing, or large sturdy trees or vines. It can look exactly the way you want. Moreover, whether your pool has grass around it, or built over a sloping hill, fencing companies always find a clever way around it to earn your money.

5. Convenience – As a homeowner with a private pool, you know its advantages and vices. While advantages include being able to cannonball anytime you want or cool down in the summer heat, disadvantages include cumbersome maintenance. One of the dreadful chores that come before and after using the pool involves pool covers. They are heavy, time-consuming to place or remove, and prevents you from jumping into the pool right away. You don’t have to face such situations with a pool fence. Once the fence is installed, you just need to lock it and make it childproof. There is no downtime when you want to enter the pool area. Just open the lock and you’re in. Lock the entrance when you get out. It barely takes a few seconds. If you install a smart lock, you can even open it from an app on your phone before you reach home.

6. Insurance – Many insurance companies require you to install a pool fence before they can provide you with their policy. Sometimes it may be a barrier while other times it may be a fence. You’re also required to have a bolted gate for restricted access to the pool. Other companies may not require you to have a pool fence. However, installing one could help you to reduce your insurance premiums and may help you get better interest rates. 

7. Versatile design – Pool fence comes in all sorts of shapes, height and can be made from various materials. While regulations and insurance policies may require you to set a minimum height of around 4 feet for your pool fence and short gaps between fences that don’t allow children to pass through, you can decide most other things.  You can also raise the height for increased privacy or keep it at the minimum requirements to keep a close eye on your kids.

When it comes to design, you can play around with your fence. For instance, you can ditch the vertical slats and have fence boards surround your pool in a horizontal configuration. While this doesn’t affect your privacy, it certainly adds to the aesthetics. With the horizontal gaps between fence boards, you can also attach hooks or other hardware to add decorative items like plants, flowers, lighting, and more. Moreover, you can choose the materials to match the overall theme of your backyard. If you have an Asian theme for your garden, consider bamboo fence boards.

8. Keep out the unwanted wildlife – If you have a lot of critters around your home, they may be attracted to the pool to quench their thirst and risk drowning. That leaves an awful smell and poses health risks. A pool fence helps you avoid that material. However, you need to choose the material carefully. You can’t go with traditional materials and design since they are climbable. Opt for fencing made from glass, or mesh material that’s too slippery or not stiff enough for animals to pull their weight on.


If you’re seriously considering installing a pool fence then search for “fencing company near me” so that you can have more safety, privacy, and convenience.